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Designed by:
Vu Manh Thang​

Inspired by VINFAST's ambition to reach out to the world, the showroom space is an expanding structure. At the heart of the showroom lies a transparent glass block opening to 6 dimensions: North, South, East, West, Sky and Earth, in which the art gallery space is located. The second layer surrounding the core block acts as a transitional space, allowing natural elements such as rain, sun, snow, etc. to interact with the display spaces and affect their ambience. The fountain flowing from the core block and spreading out implies non-stop evolution, growth, and expansion. Items such as reception hall, standard display space, VIP room, service center, etc. are located in the outermost layer.
Steel, glass and aluminium are the chosen main materials, leaving a futuristic and industrial impression. VINFAST’s future blue signature color is cleverly included. The lighting is designed to highlight the blue heart of the showroom. The symmetrical design allows the accesses to be flexibly arranged to adapt to various contexts

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