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"Your Well-being . Our Design"

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In today's era, where family life and business endeavors are in constant flux, the pursuit of happiness and balance in life has become incredibly important. Designers and Architects are always concerned with how to introduce design ideas to create spaces that have the most positive impact on the mental and physical well-being of their clients.


Specialized design knowledge in the fields of Healthcare Services in Resorts, Spa and Beauty is crucial for contemporary designers. Many services have emerged that combine personal happiness, mental well-being, and physical health needs, offering a diverse range of experiences for customers seeking refuge, stress reduction, healing, or self-renewal. Join experts to explore these areas and understand how creative minds elevate design to shape and enhance life, promoting happiness and health.

Design roundtable: 'YOUR WELL-BEING . OUR DESIGN' - Wellness | Spa . Gym & Beauty | Healthcare Design is the 1st event for VDAS members in "Netwworking & Design roundtable" series, embarking on a journey to discover the intersection of health, aesthetics, and design. This event will delve into the innovative aspects that are reshaping the world and reveal the profound relationship between design and technology, bringing about a happy and balanced experience in contemporary life.




Founder and Partner


Franck Sicart, born in 1976, is a French architect with a career marked by a wide range of projects. Studied at the Paris-Villemin School of Architecture, then continued his educational journey at the Victor Horta Special Institute of Architecture, Belgium. In 2021, he graduated with a Diploma in Architecture (DPLG) from City & Territory School of Architects, Paris, France.
Franck Sicart's architectural journey commenced in Paris, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with Yves Lion, a figure of significant influence in the field. With a robust foundation and his wealth of experience, Franck worked as the Project Director for AW2 Company in Viet Nam. He contributed to the Viet Nam architectural by various project such as Luxury Resorts, Hotels, Schools, Retails, Residential Houses, Office Buildings.
In 2015, Sicart took a decisive step in his career, becoming a Co-Founder of Sicart & Smith Architects with his partner, Julien Smith.
Founded in 2010, SSA is engaged in Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture Design. Defined as a “Boutique Design Firm” the project scale varies with a style “Contemporary Tropical-Modern” mixed with a touch of tradition and local identity. The design is welcoming and user experience oriented,
where Hospitality and Residential are the main design focus.





French Architect, born in 1975, living in Vietnam since 2005, Julien Smith is the co-founder of SSA –Architects. Created in 2010, the company is engaged in Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture Design.

Defined as a “Boutique Design Firm” the project scale varies with a style “Contemporary Tropical-Modern” mixed with a touch of tradition and local identity. The design is welcoming and user experience oriented, where Hospitality and Residential are the main design focus.
SSA Architects is present in Vietnam and Thailand with office located respectively in HCM City and Koh Samui Island.
Julien is also self-taught photographer / film-maker with couples of short movies accomplished as a director.

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Professor of Psychology,

Fulbright University Vietnam

CEO, Vietnam Institute of Psychology

Shareholder, Meraki Spa and Clinic

Dr. Nathan Gehlert is a Licensed Professional Counselor, having earned his Ph.D. from Loyola University Maryland in 2011. He has been active in the field of psychology in Vietnam since 2015. He currently serves as Psychology Major Coordinator at Fulbright University Vietnam. Dr. Gehlert maintains a dynamic teaching and research portfolio, with expertise across a diverse spectrum, notably specializing in environmental psychology, multicultural psychology, personality theory, and relationship counseling. In 2023, Dr. Gehlert founded the Vietnam Institute of Psychology, which provides psychotherapy services, corporate consulting, and educational programs across Vietnam. Beyond his academic and clinical pursuits, Dr. Gehlert is also a co-owner of Meraki Medi Spa, a clinic renowned for its innovative non-invasive compression therapy techniques for facial adjustments, alongside holistic spa and wellness services. His multifaceted endeavors exemplify his unwavering dedication to advancing mental health, academia, and innovative wellness practices in Vietnam.



Director | Architect


Architecture as the wall between the inside and the outside becomes the spatial record of this resolution and its drama. And by recognizing the difference between the inside and the outside, architecture opens the door once again to an urbanistic point of view.

Arturo is a Spanish architect and interior designer that came to Asia charmed by the great tropical modernist masters of the 20th century and the new  architectural and interior style that flourished in South East Asia. He graduated in his master’s in architecture at the University of Navarra and completed an exclusive master in design, imparted by the Pritzker price award-winning architect, Rafael Moneo.
After working with a multitude of clients, operators and consultants, he decided to bring his ideas and inspiration to the table and co-founded StudioDuo.

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Panel-Pham Thanh Truyennn.png


CEO Cat Moc Architecture

Construction Trading

Company Limited

Master of Architecture Pham Thanh Truyen has a great interest in architecture. He graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture as valedictorian and was hired as a lecturer at the school's Department of Architecture. In 2004, he launched Cat Moc Healthcare Design (CHD) to create a prestigious "made in Vietnam" company focusing on hospital consulting, design, and construction. He has always aspired to include Vietnamese culture in Vietnamese medical projects to produce a perfect medical examination and treatment environment fit for Vietnamese people while remaining current with global medical trends to serve the community well. He and his colleagues received numerous awards, including the National Record for "Most Hospital Design Company in Vietnam" (2014) and the "Silver Award of National Architecture Award" (2016), as well as being named one of the 100 Architects of the Year 2017 in Korea and the winner of the 2023 Asia Architect Design Awards. He is currently the Project Manager, Chairman of the Architecture Department for CHD, and General Director of Cat Moc Group, Director of DORIC Training Architecture, which owns other brands in Entertainment and Tourism.



Country Manager

Osca Asia

Minh Tran is holding the position of Vietnam Director of Osca Asia, an office interior design and construction company headquartered in Singapore. Minh Tran used to work for a Vietnamese furniture company. In almost 4 years. Minh has built departments, especially the Sales department - the company's strategy department, completing quality projects and achieving good progress for Global companies in Vietnam. After that, Minh worked for an Australian company managing hospitality projects. And currently working for Oscar Asia in Vietnam.



Audi Power Lounge

6B Ton Duc Thang street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC


  • Date: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 1st December, 2023

  • Roundtable Discussion: 3:00PM - 6:00PM (Activity #1 - #2)

  • Business networking: 6:00PM - 9:00PM (Activity #3)

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