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About Us



VDAS is Vietnam’s Professional Design Association that amplifies the voice of the design community in Vietnam. We empower design talent and catalyse business innovation and economic transformation by design. Ours is a community for design practitioners, professionals and businesses that want to transform through design. Operating under the Vietnam Department of Industry and Trade, we collaborate with leading international experts and institutions to continuously drive designthinking, innovation and sustainability to create a better future.

Established in 2018, the VMARK Vietnam Design Week & Design Awards are the initiatives organized by the VDAS Design Association. We aim to grow and nurture the Vietnamese design industry by enhancing the design community through education, awareness, and experience. Step by step, we have been steadily building up Vietnam's design identity with the sole purpose of being recognized globally by the creative world around us.


VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN WEEK also marks the first time Vietnam joins Global’s Creative Industries. We support the local Creative Design Community on the way to redefine a NEW IMAGE of the NATION to the world by officially launching the VMARK VIETNAM GOOD DESIGN AWARDS.

What We Do



VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN WEEK & AWARDS host an international event in Vietnam to build a community of world-class designers in order to promote the Design Know-how and Innovation of Vietnam.

Prepare Vietnam to be ready for technological advancement, 5G economic reform by bringing the local creative designers, manufacturing suppliers (labor force, factories, agencies) to the globe, setting up a benchmark for the regional economy, innovative community.

Connecting and supporting local businesses and FDI firms in Vietnam to strengthen their human resources, innovative works input, and R&D about the market trends, demands, and any concerns that occurred during the period.

Vietnam's first imprint in the World's Creative Innovation Revolution Campaign through the registered VMARK CREATIVE DESIGN EXHIBITION and VMARK DESIGN SUMMIT,  VMARK DESIGN AWARD & NETWORKING PLATFORM.



To bring Vietnam to the world with an image of the young population with aptitude, creativity, and responsibIlity. It is time for Vietnam to communicate to the world as a partner of the new economic revolution, an innovative player, and a strong and consistent developing nation in any summit rather than being forever a cheap destination for outsourcing contracts from "first world" countries.

Nurturing talented young designers in Vietnam every year to skilled designers and be ready for world-wide employers after the first 5 years of operation.

In the near future, people in Vietnam will be more aware of intellectual matters, showing appreciation to those designers who have brought all vague ideas into physical items for society.

To promote the design thinking process and change society’s perception of the importance of design.




With an idea to promote and share the Vietnamese know-how,

Design-in-Vietnam, and Made-in-Vietnam innovations with the world. 

  • Focus on designers and creative entrepreneurs connected to industries.

  • Global design thinking development and regional integration.

  • Standardize quality in the design ecosystem.

  • Innovation and Responsibility.

  • Vietnam design identity to enhance national competitiveness.

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