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VINFAST FUTURE BLUE GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTEST 2021 (VFBC 2021) WILL OFFICIALLY BE ON THE CREATIVE RACE ON APRIL 9, 2021. VMARK has launched the new contest VINFAST FUTURE BLUE GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTEST 2021 in the VMARK Vietnam Design Awards | Concept 2021, and the category "Branding & Graphic'' has the purpose of "Go Boundless'' to create the impression of young designers and photographers on the creative path.

Finding talents who are able to create ideas, promote the uniquely creative thinking of designers to breakthrough, create a solid foundation for a green, smart and sustainable future.


Designers are free to show their talents, create a unique, impressive identity, and increase their competitiveness in the global brand race.

Contest content includes 2 categories:


It will be used as the background for VinFast electric car models. Through modern design ideas, candidates can customize in many forms and combine digital functions with photography, sketching, etc.


It will apply the design of the brand identity system in VinFast products to demonstrate the core value of the brand.


  • Individuals working and studying in the design and creation department.

  • Regardless of gender, age, education level.

  • Scope of participant: people in Vietnam and Vietnamese around the world.


  • Starting receiving entries: April 09th, 2021

  • Deadline for submissions: June 01st, 2021

  • The results of the contest are expected to be announced on June 16th, 2021.

  • The announcement schedule is subject to change depending on the actual marking time of the jury.

  • Participants will be notified if there is a change in the time of the award announcement.


1. General requirement

  • Profile:​

Personal: full name, phone number, address, summary of personal information.

Enterprises: summary information, website, implemented projects, scale.

  • Candidates are free to choose the category to participate in.

  • Demonstration of design ideas per collection (pdf / ppt / doc file) (maximum 200 words)

  • Background mockup file on each file in the collection.

  • Use the correct Vinfast standard file to put in the design:

Download logo Vinfast

Download the logo Pantone color

  • Contest file format: Max size 5Mb / file (pdf), logo and text are not allowed.

  • Candidates are entitled to use images available on Stock sources to incorporate a part into the design but are not allowed to use 100% of the original available files. When using, attach the photo code or Stock link to the Description for the organizer to buy these pictures if the design is approved.

  • Entries using stock image sources, if not noted the code and link the image source to the captions, will be considered invalid.

2. Other requirements

2.1 - VinFast Digital Background Design

  • 3 design background files /collection (Unlimited collection of entries, if you have a lot of collections can be submitted via dropbox, drive, ...) - Design files need to be in horizontal format.

  • Download the VinFast ELECTRIC CAR MOCKUP files with the split background.

  • Reference FILE HERE


2.2 - Creative Merchandise Design

  • Candidates can freely create ideas for the VinFast brand identity, applying on the following product categories:​

* Group 1:

Rescue cars, rescue motorcycles. Product MOCKUP SAMPLES  HERE

* Group 2:
Namecard box, Umbrellas, Polo T-shirts, Cloth caps, Staff windbreakers, Customer windbreakers, Porcelain mugs, Thermos bottle, leather notebook.

  • Unlimited collection of entries (if you have a lot of collections can be submitted via dropbox, drive, ...)


* CREATIVE THINKING (accounting for 50% of the votes) Apply the brand spirit "Go Boundless" to create, inspire VinFast customers to break from all limits by means of transportation, through spirit create a green future, lead the trend of using smart electric cars and enjoy outstanding intelligent experiences of the future.


High artistry for long-term media campaigns of VinFast


The designs presented are a series of stories that are easy to understand, have positive meanings, bring the brand spirit to the domestic and international markets.


  • Entries must ensure intellectual property rights, do not accept copying.

  • The organizers have full rights to use the winning works, not responsible for issues related to copyright, disputes.

  • Contestants are not allowed to use the design concept of the winning contest to use for design purposes for other clients.

  • The organizers are committed not to use all non-winning entries.

  • Prizes for invalid works (if any) will be revoked if it is found to be fraudulent or pirated.

  • After submitting the work, the candidates will receive a confirmation email and the entries will be forwarded to the judging panel.

  • If the work belongs to a group, the number and membership information should be specified.

  • Depending on the winning results, contestants will be notified to submit the best quality files and working file.



  • VinFast Board of Director

  • VDAS Design Association

  • International Design Organizers & Associations


Jury board new Balck Eng-01-02-02-02-01.


  • Internationally recognized prestigious awards and judged by a jury experts from international design associations & organizations

  • Certification with the signature of VinFast Leaders & International Jury representatives.


For category: Digital Background Design

  • 1st Prize: Klara S e-scooter & 2 batteries, worth 58,200,000 VND

  • Second Prize: Feliz e-scooter, worth 25,000,000 VND

  • Third prize: 5,000,000 VND

  • 10 Consolation prizes: 2,000,000 VND / Prize

For category: Creative Merchandise Design

  • 1st Prize: Klara S e-scooter & 2 batteries, worth 58,200,000 VND

  • Second Prize: Feliz e-scooter, worth 25,000,000 VND

  • Third prize: 5,000,000 VND

  • 10 Consolation prizes: 2,000,000 VND / Prize


(The winning individual or organization will be responsible for declaring, explaining and fulfilling income tax obligations related to the prize. The Organizer is only responsible for the payment of money transfers).