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VDAS Vietnam Design Association – Ho Chi Minh City (VDAS) officially announced the “VinFast Global Showroom Design Competition 2021” (VFDC 2021) to find the most outstanding design idea that will be deployed for VinFast smart vehicle brand’s showrooms globally. VFDC 2021 offers designers the opportunity to showcase their talents to the prestigious jury board from leading international architectural organizations and win prizes valuing a total of more than USD 60,000.



Start Date for Submission: Jan 25th, 2021

Deadline for submission: Feb 25th, 2021

Announcement schedule is subject to change depending on Juryboard.

Participants will be notified if there is any change in the time of the award announcement.

Register online at the website and send the record include:

When submitting the contest, there will be documents of personal / corporate information including:

1/ Profile / Portfolio:

  • Personal: ID information, link or PDF file 

  • Enterprise: summary of business information, website.

  • Portfolio & project introduction: brief information on projects designed.

2/ 3D rendering design (Architectural perpective /Interior design):

  • Main Layout plan of showroom 

  • 3D rendering view

  • 360 degree video clip (optional)

3/ Description of the concept & process of design works (pdf/doc).


Include International Architect/Interior Design Associations & Organizers from japan, Asia-Pacific, US, Singapore....  


1. Architectural space of the showroom:


  • Size of the land: 2,000sqm (40mx50m)

  • Building Footprint: 600sqm (20mx30m)

  • Main front of width 30m

  • Includes four facades, empty landscape

  • No. of levels: 1 floor

Design requirements:

  • Design with a maximum height of 15m

  • The structure of the building is the whole steel framing or part of the concrete

  • Modern materials: metal / stainless steel / granite / glass ... prioritize using clear glass to attract views into the showroom.

  • The main entrance (4m) in front site, and 2 sub-entrances (3m) in side of showroom

  • 3D VINFAST logo on 4 site of showroom

  • Vertical Dealership exterior signage, size max 2x12m, double side - CHECK 

  • Lighting system for building architecture and logos

  • Shows views for day / night (include lighting)


2. Interior design space:

Design requirements:

  • Main layout of showroom, including:

Lobby & reception counter space

2 VIP room

Guest lounge 

The customer-care rooms

Operating office & pantry

Display area of accessory

Displaying 6 cars, there is 1 special display area for 1 main car line

(this above items just estimating for general layout, not require exactly)

  • Show one (or two) special display design area (7x7m) in the style of installation art, new ideal, creativity…

  • Special lighting effect

  • Modern material using (metal / mable / glass...)



  • Use the correct Vinfast standard file to put in the design:

Download logo Vinfast 
Download Pantone color code of logo (new version color)

  • 1/ Layout drawing of the overall plan:

Subject to the requirements of item (III-2) above
Image file, Max. 4Mb / file (pdf / jpg / png / bitmap)

  • 2/ 3D rendering images with different views:

Architectural perspective included exterior vertical signature: min. 6 views (3 of day view & 3 of night view vs lighting effect)
Interior space: min. 6 views, focus on a special display design area for the main car line
Image file, max. 4Mb / file (jpg / png / bitmap)

  • 3/ 360 degree video (optional):

Architecture outside the showroom (or the space of the interior area)
MP4 file, max. size 10Mb / clip​


The Organizer reserves the right to use images, videos, and information related to the works and the authors in social media activities, publications, and documents related to the program of the Organizing Committee and the activities of the Sponsor & VDAS Design Association without requesting permission or compensation.


  • Each contestant has no limit to the number of works submitted.

  • Works submitted must be copyrighted, we do not accept copied works.

  • The organizers are not responsible for any copyright issues.

  • Awards for invalid works (if any) will be revoked if cheating is found.

  • The Organizing Board has the right to use the works and images from those works to exhibit and promote.

  • After submitting the works, applicants will receive a confirmation email, and submissions will be forwarded to the evaluation panel.

  • If a work belongs to a group, candidates must submit an Authorization Letter to the authorized representative, the one who is also responsible for the product.

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