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With the pioneering mission of connecting the Vietnamese and international design communities, VDAS | VMARK has carried out many attractive and diverse events and activities, attracting the attention of a large number of domestic and international communities, thereby contributing to encouraging creative economic industries, promoting innovative design applications, and connecting the design community in general.


To summarize the impressive operation in 2023, TẾT FUSION is a community connection event for VDAS | VMARK to honor achievements and express gratitude to members and partners. This is also an opportunity for the Designers and Enterprises community to have intimate exchange and connection, thereby opening up new relationships and potential cooperation opportunities in the future.

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With a new year festive theme, a must-see feature, it is a lively cocktail party space where guests can freely express their personalities, raise cocktails, and mingle themselves at the moment of the new year and be ready for a new year full of success and luck.


Top Designers in various fields

Leaders of leading brands, prestigious manufacturing & trading enterprises, and related products groups

Directors of design enterprises, advertising agencies, and branding.

Creative Educators, Arts, and Universities.

Other related fields...


18:00 – 18:30 | WELCOMING

Welcoming & Networking


A space to meet creatives, and leading experts in the fields of design and products, get to know more about the design trends and new styles of 2024 and experience new techniques along with recent trends and innovative products.


18:30 – 22:00 | MAIN ACTIVITIES 

  • Thank you speech from VDASIVMARK

  • Sending gratitude to members, partners, companions, VMARK Winners in the 2023 journey

  • Champagne Toasting

  • Enjoy buffet dinner

  • Fashion show & Live Music 

  • Dancing Party

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