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Following the success of DESIGN VOICES #1, VDAS and GROHE co-hosted DESIGN VOICES #2 forum on June 3, 2022. With the topic RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS AND LIFESTYLE 2022, the summit will bring useful sharing to the attendees.

The summit consists of two discussion sessions with the participation of the leading experts in the field of interior design that will exchange and share views on the program's topic, towards the designs "DESIGN FOR LIFE" in 2022.

Besides, the making of speciality of Design Voices #2 is the exhibition space of works from designers and businesses - promising to create a space for connection, exchange and cooperation of attendees participate in the program.


  • Representative of the International Architecture and Interior Design Association

  • Professional architects & interior designers, design firms, architects and consultants.

  • Professor at the National and International Universities of Architecture and Design.

  • International corporations specialize in researching new trends.


  • Professionals who work in the field of interior design and architecture, construction

  • Potential customers are interested in the fields of interior design - architecture, real estate.

  • Design Universities, Association Members

  • Project owner, real estate, etc. 



Trần Hữu Anh Tuấn - Archetype pic_edited.jpg

Trần Hữu Anh Tuấn

Mr. Tran Huu Anh Tuan is the Director of Green Building at Architype and has been an architect for 20 years. He has several remarkable projects, including the Tesa New Plant in Hai Phong, Kairos School, The Orchard Garden, Saigon Me Linh Tower, The Water Bay, and TTI SHTP Development Project A. Following the Covid 19 epidemic, Mr. Tuan feels that "the design trend in 2022 must focus on the health of people, encourage flexibility and adaptation."

Allan Kjaer_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. Allan Kjaer is a Director of Fine Scandinavia, where he is in charge of product development and sales. With 30 years in the furniture business, Mr. Allan has held several roles such as Production Engineer, R&D Engineer, Commercial Manager, Technical Director, and so on for furniture firms. His products are usually basic yet incredibly sensitive.

Allan Kjaer

Freek Jansen - DWP_edited.jpg

Freek Jansen

Using Steve Jobs' quote as a guideline "Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works”, Mr Freek Jansen, demonstrated that design is not just about vision but also the process of creating a successful project. Fusion Resort Phu Quoc, Fusion Suite Sai Gon, and Ixora Ho Tram are some of his remarkable projects.


Mr. Tristan Chinh is currently National Senior Sales Leader of LIXIL Vietnam - Brand Representative of GROHE, a German brand, famous for its smart, long-lasting and sustainable sanitary ware, bringing great value to users. He has many years of experience in managing and operating the group's business across the country. 

Nguyen Tristan Chinh

Nguyen Tristan Chinh

Damien Jamet 2 - Casamia_edited.jpg

Damien Jamet

Mr. Damien Jamet, co-founder of CasaMia Interior, develops large-scale projects such as Sanctuary Ho Tram resort villa, X2 resort villa, and other luxury residences and projects around Southeast Asia. Mr. Damien has a very distinctive style, between "classicism" and "modern living," with many years of expertise in the furniture industry and a minimalist but sophisticated style, warm and authentic yet powerful modern, innovative but a little conservative.


Ha Thanh

Architect Ha Thanh, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of architecture, has been a golden hand in many large and small projects from North to South of Vietnam. Currently, he is the chief architect of Hung Thinh Group, CEO of Ha Thanh Architectural Company and NewA Interior Design Training Center. At the same time, he is also involved in the field of education, teaching at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, Van Lang, Ton Duc Thang, Hong Bang,...

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 12.22_edited.jpg

Hoành Trần

Hoanh Tran was born in Vietnam but grew up in the US, was an architecture student at SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture), then spent a year in Houston before continuing his in-depth studies at Columbia University, New York. He is currently in charge of design, teaching, research and writing. With his partner Archie Pizzini, Hoanh founded HTAP Architects in 2004. Their design-focused projects range from small-scale boutiques and galleries to larger-scale resorts. His outstanding projects include X2 Resort Hoi An, Saigon Airport Plaza, Mekong Delta Blues.


Danh Tran

Ms. Danh Tran - Vice President of VDAS Design Association Vietnam, is also the founder and CEO of VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN AWARD. She has 30 years of experience in management, education and design-related activities, Ms. Danh Tran with the goal of building and developing the Vietnamese design community through education, awareness and work experience sharing activities to build a solid foundation for the globally recognized Vietnam Creative and Design Community.


Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 14.54.03.png
thank you


On the morning of June 3, 2022 at Sheraton Saigon Hotel, Interior Design Voices #2 forums with the topic RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN AND LIFESTYLE TRENDS 2022 took place successfully. This is an event co-organized by VDAS | VMARK, and GROHE, which is part of a series of events leading up to VMARK Design Week that has left many valuable directions for the industry.


VDAS would like to especially appreciate and express our sincere thanks to the sponsors, and media agencies who have accompanied us in this event. Besides, the presence of the representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, the German Consulate, and the Speakers is a great honor for us. We would also like to thank the guests who are representatives of organizations, corporations, companies, interior designers, architects, leading experts in architecture, and interior design, and more than attended 300 guests.

Thanks to the presence of the guests, VDAS has assembled a meaningful and valuable discussion for the creative design community in Vietnam.

Click here for full album of  DESIGN VOICES 3 - RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2022 & MARKET OVERVIEW SUMMIT” on June 3, 2022.

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