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Award Ceremony Gallery

1- Contest itinerary:

  • TOP 50 announced: 08/05/2024 at the VMARK and SamSung website.



  • GALA Award: estimate 27/06/2024 in Ho Chi Minh City.

The above announced timelines are subject to change depending on the actual judging time of the jury.

Participants in the award will be notified if there are any changes to the  announcement timeline.

2- Contestants:

  • For Vietnamese citizens from 18 years old, including individuals, units and groups with expertise and interest in the field of interior design.

  • Architects, interior designers professional, semi-professional or freelance as well as subjects from colleges or universities or training centers.

  • Each contestant has no limit on the number of entries.

  • If the work belongs to a group, candidates must submit a Letter of Authorization to the authorized representative who is responsible for the work.

3- Contest rules:

  • The designer actively selects the private kitchen space to design, at least with an area of 12m2, with full functions & utility items of a kitchen space in any type of optional works: apartment group (apartment, duplex, penthouse,...), housing group (townhouse, villa,...).

  • Utilize the products in the Samsung Bespoke collection including Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Induction Cooker, Hood (mandatory) and Oven (recommended) to arrange into the design space, unlimited color, quantity, item ... Make sure it fits into the space.

  • Designers are encouraged to proactively select a style to express their design (classic, traditional, or the latest contemporary fashion, intricate or minimalist... all are accepted).

  • Designs can be entirely new or adapted from existing real-life projects, as long as they meet the requirements for utilizing products from the Organizing Committee.

4- Submissions required:

  • Each participant in the award is not restricted in the number of entries they can submit.

  • Entries must ensure intellectual property rights. The Organizer does not accept works with copying and will not be responsible for issues related to copyright and disputes.

  • Awards for invalid entries (if any) will be revoked if the Organizing Committee discovers cheating or copyright infringement.

  • After submitting their submissions, Prize Participants will receive a confirmation email from the Organizing Committee. Entries will be forwarded by the Organizing Committee to the Judging Committee.

5- Submission requirements:

  • Use the right products in the BESPOKE Refrigerator collection & BESPOKE kitchen appliances to arrange into the design space 


4 Mandatory products included in the submissions: Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Induction cooktop, Hood. Link uses 4 products


SEncouraged products (not mandatory) to be included in the design entry: Oven. Link to use recommended products (1)


It is possible to use other Samsung household products depending on the design space idea (optional) such as TVs & Speakers, Washing Machine & Dryer, Clothes Care Cabinet, Air Purifier, Robot Vacuum Cleaner at Link to use recommended products (2)


  • Express creativity, maximize the designer's own style, personality and reflect the characteristics of the owner's lifestyle.It is necessary to ensure aesthetics, in harmony with Bespoke products.

  • Unique, harmonious, delicate lighting layout.

Submitting entries will include:

1. Portfolio:

  • Individual: summary of personal information, link…

  • Enterprise: summary information, website ...


2. Explanation, illustrating the idea of the process of completing the design:

  • The information should clearly show the design style, creativity in your design and describe a few portrait features, homeowner preferences that you are aiming to own this design (Format: pdf / ppt / doc file).


3. Design files:

  • Drawing of the overall site layout of the design plan

  • 3D rendered image album with many different angles, views, minimum number of 10 images submitted (required to have a frontal view angle and two close angles The refrigerator has been selected in the space, so that the Organizing Committee can identify and authenticate product samples effectively), up to 2Mb/file, size 1,000x1,500pixels (jpg/png/bitmap), save to archive (RAR, ZIP).

  • Sample references 360-degree video (submission recommended)


Notes:  Participants who are selected in the Top 50 will be notified to submit the following additional applications:


  • Original design files (3Dmax files, sketchup & ACad ...)

  • High quality files to support communication, promotion, enlargement, printing …

  • A written commitment of copyright for the submitted work

6- Contest support

 If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us using the information below:

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