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Panel launches Vmark Design Award 2023 in Packaging design, Brand graphics

 Opening Design Voices | Packaging Design  

 Exhibition Showcasing  

On November 16, 2022, at Riverside Palace, VDAS - Vietnam Design Association. VMARK Vietnam Design Award HCM and ProArt / Asus collaborated to organize the event VMARK Design Voices: Graphic with the theme of Sustainability in Packaging Design.


At the Exhibition area, guests had the opportunity to admire the display areas of products from the ProArt / Asus brand - a co-organizer that contributed to the success of the event. There are also booths from brands: Marou, Cafe 365, Purple Asia, Plastic People, SR, VMS, guests are exposed to finished products not only through perspective but also experience.

At the event, the guests had a session to discuss design thinking applied to packaging design, offering practical solutions around reducing plastic waste and ensuring sustainability in design and packaging. packaging

 Inspirational presentation from speakers  


“Minimizing energy comes from the smallest things, avoiding the most waste. Included in the design process. The more user-friendly design consumes less time. Fewer prototypes produced before final product, shorter lead times is also the way to a green business with more sustainable packaging design.” - Mr. Calvin Lam, Managing Director of Inde Pacific Capital added when he was consulted on how to create sustainable design.

“Investing in high-precision, highly-detailed computing equipment, as we mentioned earlier, is also one of the ways to have a business with sustainable packaging design and a great company. Asus is also committed to a green packaging strategy to protect the environment,” emphasized Ms Elena Dang from Pro-Art brand.

In addition, Mr. Joshua Breidenbach - Founder of Rice Studios also contributed his comments about the optimal material for financial efficiency: "Nothing is cheaper than single-use plastic. We can only level this reality through innovation and investment. Any solution other than plastic is more expensive. Sustainable solutions are often the most expensive. More demand will be needed to begin to bring out this truth. Brands can justify the higher costs as part of their marketing budget or by thinking ahead, long term, as a carefully packaged product gets a lot of brand love. more effective than a billboard or a digital campaign.”

Many guests also contributed a lot of opinions to the forum. Mr. T.B. gave an interview to share: “When I came to this conference, I could not understand what sustainability is even though I have heard and learned about the above topic a lot. However, after listening to the speakers speak, present and explain, I feel that this is the content that needs to be developed and mentioned the most in the Vietnamese industry. I hope that after today, I will have more opportunities to participate in VDAS conferences and events.”
Hay shared from a representative of QLM Label Group: “This was really a lively and diverse discussion to explore the complex topics around Sustainability, Design and Packaging. With the idea of ​​no packaging or minimal packaging, who will be responsible for enforcing sustainability: the regulator, the company or the consumer? We are totally addicted to disposable things. How do we counter the competing interests of 'low cost' and 'convenience' to achieve sustainability? The answers of the experts surprised, inspired and challenged me! I was impressed with the number of Vietnamese designers and companies that attended - more than 300 people (amazing). Looking forward to working with these inspirational people to achieve more in Vietnam.”

 Business networking cocktail party  

Event VMARK Design Voices | Graphic is co-organized by VDAS Design Association HCMC , VMARK Vietnam Design Award and ProArt / Asus with the cooperation and support from such great associations as ITPC, VASEP, VIENC, BNI, SG Entrepreneur; Luxuo, MEN'S FOLIO, A Way To Green, Entrepreneur Plus, Home Decor Plus, Pacific Group, VOH, Sihub; International organizations such as Eurocham, Icham, CCIFV France, Thai Cham… All together create exciting activities, connecting between large domestic and foreign enterprises to START IMMEDIATELY commit to and fulfill their responsibilities. responsibility to protect the GREEN environment globally.

Click here for full album of VMARK DESIGN VOICES | GRAPHIC 16.11.2022

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