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Beautiful images create memorable moments at events in the last days of the year

Updated: Feb 2

The event "VDAS Design community - Appreciation Day" held on January 17, 2024 at Riverside Palace took place in a joyful atmosphere to wrap up the old year, welcoming the 2024 Lunar new year.

VDAS sincerely thanks the leaders in the Executive Committee - the people behind the success of VDAS activities! VDAS would also like to thank the enthusiasm and great contributions from the Sponsors, Speakers, and Designers who have accompanied VDAS in 2023.

Closing the program was an impressive FASHION SHOW performance from young Designers. Fashion collections with new and unique ideas promise to make you unforgettable through creativity and diversity in design but also through the professional performance of Russian models.

Let's give warm applause to honor the talents of young Designers through the collections:

• THE SOUL brand collection comes from students of HOANG MINH HA ACADEMIE LA MODE.

• Fashion collection called: "East Meets West Elegance" comes from young designers from UNIVERSITY OF TECHNICAL PEDAGOGY

•The fashion collection of young designers from HUTECH University is the perfect combination of unique art and personal style.

• The intersection of tradition and modernity, the collection from Hoa Sen University is a wonderful combination of colors and delicate lines.

• The "Echoes of Traditions" themed collection brings the classic beauty of Ao Dai through a contemporary perspective, each Ao Dai from the Cooper & Co. brand is crafted with enthusiasm and creative spirit, creating a delicate blend of tradition and modernity to honor the beauty of Vietnamese culture.

Once again, thank you for all your wonderful contributions that helped make the party a complete success, and happy Lunar new year 2024.

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