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Designed by:
SLA Designers

Minimalist because we take into consideration the international expansion plan of the showroom for which a universal language is the best answer to be broadened in a diverse cultural urban environment, also easily adaptable in terms of budget and regulations.
The impressive first attraction to appeal to the visitors’ vision to the indoor and the car design is the double skin façade made by a full curtain glass wall, and a dynamic metal mesh called “wind fast” to filter the light and vision. The Wind Fast is an art installation that expresses the natural fresh air flow caressing the car in movement, with an infinity of visuals generating natural feelings from morning to nighttime.
Vinfast revolutionizes the car industry world by using a visual art identity.
Immersive experience / Display & Exhibition design
The showroom is set up as an immersive exhibition, with a central zone dedicated to the customer and combining the welcoming desk and bar and multiple interactive installations to discover the Vinfast car's design and technologies. From that central area, the visitors have an overview and free access to the cars staged around enhanced by the light.
As to be able to establish a unique experience for the future users of E.V., we create the V.R. experience and position it in the middle of the showroom. Specifically, we install a real bespoke Vinfast car where the driver and his family can discover a full-driving experience together with various environments and contexts. Other visitors in the room are also able to observe the live experience through the LED screen display; this is also a favorable means supporting other marketing purposes.

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