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Audi Car Showroom

Designed by:

Nguyễn Văn Nhuận


Best Unique Color Design

Following the strength of AUDI is the strong lines and lighting system that surpasses competing car manufacturers, inspired by the car lights - the ""soul"" - the ""eyes"" of the car itself.
Normally the wall is a stationary object, the car is a moving object. But with SHOWROOM AUDI CAR it's the opposite; Here, the car will be a stationary thing and the walls will be the thing that creates a feeling of continuous movement that covers the subject (car) to enhance the nobility and direct the gaze towards the car.
Take the material from the strong lines of the car lights; the lines bend, bend it a bit harshly to show strength. This constant movement will be locked in a large box that is in this room. Being limited and feeling the limitless within.
To simulate that movement: make the lines light. These lines represent the light of AUDI as well as recall the exposure lines (light trails) of the car in night driving. Both evocative and decorative.

Project Gallery

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