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On April 15 of each year, Made in Italy Day is celebrated, dedicated to promoting Italian creativity and excellence, celebrating the value and quality of Italian works of genius and products.

The Day aims to recognize Made in Italy's social role and contribution to the country's economic and cultural development, including in relation to its heritage of identity, to empower public opinion to promote the protection of the value and distinctive qualities of Italian works and products, and to raise awareness among young people to choose craft and creative professions related to the excellence of our manufactures.

Special attention will also be devoted to inspiring the younger generations so that they develop in them the desire to try their hand at studying and working activities related to Made in Italy. The intent is to intervene in various productive sectors in order to enhance and promote the productions of excellence, the historical-artistic beauties and the national cultural roots, as factors to be preserved and handed down not only for identity purposes but also for the growth of the national economy within and in coherence with the rules of the internal market.

Moreover, it systematizes and coordinates at best the actions of promotion, valorization and support, so that a real industrial policy of Made in Italy can be given sustenance. The Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City, in order to achieve its goals, on the occasion of the Made in Italy Day is organizing a talk show with speeches by professional figures and experts from different fields to create a debate on Italian products recognized as excellence in Vietnam and around the world.

VDAS is pleased to nominate Mrs. Ngoc Danh / Vice President to participate in presentations with Experts & Designers:

• Mr. Gianluca Fiume – Ceo Piaggio Vietnam

• Ms. Naomi Thuy Nguyen – Arch. Director and Founder of YC Company

• Ms. Carmen Voloninno – Arch. Director at 3TI PROGETTI ASIA

• Ms. Annamaria Aufiero – Interior Designer Phan Anh Luxury Living

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