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CONFERENCE & SEMINAR | Build to Last 2024

Vietnam is currently experiencing strong growth in the construction sector. How can we stand out from the crowd in this fast-growing sector, while at the same time combining ecological transition and sustainable development? With the country's mission to achieve zero net emissions by 2050, the construction sector plays a key role in this challenge.

French players and experts in the field of construction in Vietnam will be holding a major conference on 11 April 2024 to strengthen cooperation between Vietnam and France in support of Vietnamese construction projects!

This year, the event is co-hosted by our esteemed partners EuroCham Vietnam, 3C - CONNECTED CONSTRUCTION COMMUNITY, Vietnam Proud Construction Networking, and VDAS Design Association - HCMC, promising to build upon the resounding success of the previous edition in 2023.

VDAS is pleased to nominate Mrs. Ngoc Danh / Vice President to participate in presentations with Experts & Designers:

  • Mrs. Danh Tran – CEO & Founder | VDAS Design Association HCMC Vietnam

  • Mr. Michael Zinck Jensen – Project Director | Pandora Vietnam

  • Mr. Michel Cassagnes – General Director | Archetype Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam

  • Mr. Guillaume Gimonet - Head of Technical Services Solutions | ADEN Vietnam

  • Mr. Yoan Guyon - Chief Commercial Officer | GreenYellow Vietnam

  • Mr. Sami Kteily – Executive Chairman | Pebsteel Vietnam

  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Tu Tam - Regional Project Sales Manager | Saint-Gobain Vietnam

  • Mr. Christophe Cougnaud - Attorney-at-law & Partner | Mazars Legal Vietnam

  • Mr. Benjamin Desplanque - Development Director | IDEC Group Asia

  • Mr. Laurent Deflandre – Country Director | ADEN Vietnam

  • Mr. Guillaume Gimonet – Head of Technical Services Solutions | ADEN Vietnam

  • Mr. Vincent Romeo – General Manager South & Central | ADEN Vietnam

  • Mr. Sriman NCVK – Business Development Director APAC – Akila | ADEN Vietnam

  • Mr. Olivier SOUQUET – Chairman | DE-SO Asia 

  • Mr. Nano Morante – Founder | Plastic People

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