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Architect, Founder & Director

GAP Architetti Association

Mr. Alessandro Ciarpella has practiced his profession mainly as a partner in the GAP AA, developed over twenty years experience in Italy and abroad. The main professional fields who was carried out are the Architectural design and coordination of project activities related to public and private clients, as well as the project and construction management and coordination of the connected operational activities.

Alessandro undertook teaching and research work and gave lectures on the Interior Design as well as Architectural and Urban Design at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome. Also he was teaching as professor for the Italian National Institute of Architecture Master in Architectural Design Digital Architecture.

Degree in Architecture from the “La Sapienza” University of Rome

“Jordan + Bateman Architects Ltd. London UK”, 1993 - 94

Registered with the Professional Association of Architects of Rome.

In 1998 he joined the studio "GAP Associated Architects"

Consultant to “EUROPAN_ITALIA” and a member of the Italian Experts Commission for “Europan 8”.

From 2015 he's in charge for developing the market in the Asia Pacific Region for GAP AA


On what good design means to him, Ciarpella says, “Design is all around us. I believe design and function must have a very strict connection. Otherwise it is a piece of art done by an artist while design, industrial design, has to be useful and comfortable.” The most important aspect of design and architecture for Ciarpella is the genius loci which means the spirit of the place in Latin. The term relates to the distinctive atmosphere or ambience of the place, emphasising the importance he places on detail. Ciarpella believes that design and architecture coexist, highlighting the significance of being able to design a piece of furniture as well as the overall master plan of a building. He goes on to say, “In Italy, the most famous architects start as artists before and then, when they become architects, they still do paintings and sculptures.”

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