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Frodo's Timepieces is a luxury brand and also a multi-brand showroom, so it was important to create an identity for the retail that reflects the owner's personality and taste while keeping in mind the different brand values carried by the products on display. The owners wanted to create a glamorous, bright, and timeless space with the look of a Milan or Paris window from the street. For the facade cladding, we went to search for a stone that is commonly used in Mediterranean cities and applied a sand-blasted finishing on it. Inside we used a mix of Bateig stone, bluestone, and ceramic. The main retail area was treated with light colors in a minimalist design, while the VIP and office areas in the back were Designed in a darker scheme with opulent fabric curtains, walnut herringbone floors, and Italian leather furnishings. To complete the picture we sought some classic marble statues from the 19th Century in Paris Antiques-flee market, the lights fixtures were chosen from Baccarat and a few crystal pieces from Lalique are coming to decorate the bar counter and customer's reception area, bringing together exceptional craftsmanship and sophistication, as are the fabulous watches sold here!


  • Mr. Damien Jamet

  • Ms. Giang Dao

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