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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

VMARK AWARD is the most prestigious award in the field of design in Vietnam, which is held annually for businesses & community projects that make a difference in business through investment in new initiatives and exclusive design for brands and products. Launched in 2019, VMARK Vietnam Design Award is evaluated by prestigious experts and judges all around the world who specialised in innovative designs of products, furniture, and community branding/communication/multimedia sites and projects, new design initiatives, etc.

Opening the VMARK DESIGN AWARD 2022, towards the VMARK DESIGN WEEK 2022, VMARK organizers will allow the design community to participate in a series of consecutive DESIGN TALK sessions in the next 3 months. The DESIGN TALK series will officially open the activities under the VMARK AWARD 2022. The content will include sharing sessions with guests, experts, and especially from famous VMARK Winners in the field of creative design along with interesting topics each month. Let's look forward to the first PRESS CONFERENCE session with VMARK in December, and follow with the next DESIGN TALK in January. Follow our regular information on VMARK website and fan page.

Press Conference: VMARK Award & DESIGN WEEK 2022 Press Conference.

Talk #1: Interior Design and Architecture TRENDS in HOSPITALITY.

Talk #2: Interior Design and Architecture TRENDS in RESIDENTIAL AREA.

Talk #3: Modern Technology in Interior Design and Architecture TRENDS.

Besides, VMARK DESIGN AWARD 2022 will officially open for registration for participating in the first prize until the end of December 30, 2021. Follow us to have the opportunity to exchange and share with the global design community with the largest series of events of the year of the Ho Chi Minh City Design Association.


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