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Claudya tells about her background (abstract)

“Working with design management at the Associate Consulting International and a founding member of Design Center Brazil 20 years ago strongly helped to start exploring innovation development and sustainability strategies for product design. That exploration opened up the door to a Master of Design at UNSW, Australia in 2001 with an emphasis in Design strategy, innovation. and Sustainability design. Claudya's is also a certified leader from Harvard Excellence. Her professional work has focused on consulting for multinational consumer product companies, helping realize their growth through innovation and ecodesign development goals. Given the need for sustainability action, Claudya one decided to create her own consulting firm to work with manufacturers and builders design better products and spaces to strengthen the transition to our current linear to a circular economy to contribute for a more sustainable world and better way of living ".
Mentorship strength

Strategy Design | Ecodesign | Innovation | business development and other environmental, social related schemes.

Best tip for a circular design

A circular design idea is not an isolated action. This can include several interactions before it is ready to be produced and scaled. Go ahead and continue trying again and again and even if it is not perfect, Its definitely better to have a good first circular and resilient solution then to continue with the existing old linear approach. - Claudya Piazera

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