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Founder & CEO



Massimiliano Margarone is an electronic engineer with extensive expertise in digital transformation and the development of new digital-based business models. His approach combines technological innovation, user experience, and design thinking to create innovative solutions. He has played a facilitating role in fostering dialogue between art, design, technology, and science as part of industrial processes.

He graduated from the University of Genoa and later obtained a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the same university. Throughout his studies and career, he has published over 30 scientific papers in international conferences and journals, primarily focusing on Human-Computer Interaction and Virtual Heritage.

In 2010, Margarone founded SPX Lab, where he serves as the CEO. SPX Lab is a company that integrates technology, design, and art to deliver innovative solutions and services in the realm of digital transformation and new business model development.

Additionally, he is a member of ICHAM, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, indicating his active involvement in business relations between Italy and Vietnam. Massimiliano Margarone's experience and expertise position him as a seasoned professional at the intersection of technology, design, and digital innovation. He is also credited with inventing Mirò, a new concept for self-reflection.

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