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VDAS Design Association | HCMC, Vietnam


Mr. Duong Ho is the President of VDAS Design Association, an organization belonging to the Industry & Trade Department of Hochiminh City, Vietnam. The main mission is to plan and develop national design strategies to connect Vietnamese creative designers, businesses, design educators, national and international organizations. VDAS also enhances the creative design industry in Vietnam and promotes the design thinking process to change the perception of society in regards to overcoming national challenges and to build up Vietnam's design identity with the sole purpose of being recognized globally.

Mr. Duong Ho has a background as an interior designer who has worked for more than 30 years in many different fields related to creative design, both locally and overseas. He is one of the first and leading interior design experts in Vietnam since the opening of the Vietnamese economy in the 1990s. He has contributed and participated in the design of many diverse interior projects, and lifestyle products for many famous global brands. With the opportunities to participate in overseas workshops, training courses and international events worldwide, he is always dedicated to the development of changing the mindset for Vietnamese design with the new trends and contemporary styles from Northern Europe, applying and bringing new materials and technology into the Vietnamese interior market.

He is also the founder of VMARK Vietnam Design Institute, which was established with a clear mission to become a unique and leading professional design institution in Vietnam, specializing in providing design education and incubation on multiple levels of professional development for people who love creative design.

From 2019, Mr. Duong Ho, with his partner, has initiated the launching of the VMARK Vietnam Interior Design Week & Vietnam Design Awards, which is, to this day, the FIRST professional CREATIVE DESIGN AWARD in Vietnam to evaluate and reward the best-applied designs in Vietnam for better awareness for businesses and citizens about the importance of vitality in design from their daily activities to the country's competitiveness.

Since leading VDAS Design Association, Mr. Duong Ho has been invited to many international interior design events in Asia-Pacific and Europe, and has been invited to be the juror of some of the most authoritative design awards, such as the Singapore Interior Design Awards, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, CIDA China Design Awards, International Industrial Design Awards, etc.

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