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FinOS is a FinTech company established by Allianz SE to provide technology solutions that power digital financial products & services across Southeast Asia. The FinOS office in Hanoi is mostly for designers, so it requires a lot of creativity, functionality, and comfort.

Get ideas from customers' logos and how they build software applications. Solid Design Team chose the design concept based on the Single Click concept. That means, with a simple touch, all spaces in the whole office could access as quickly as their software application. In the logo, there are some pieces of the triangle and connected into a unity; the image also performs through the decorating of the ceiling in the town hall area. The expansion of the reception hall can create ample space for events with many participants or a flexible scale for small seminars.

The office has a length of more than 60 meters should arrange with two exits; the space design aims how to the natural light for the staff as much as possible. Working space requires to be equipped with many functional areas for work, events, entertainment for all crews so the public areas as well as working place, meeting rooms distributed widely. The pantry area focuses on taking the most beautiful view of the impressive panoramic sky view of Hanoi.

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