Thái Thị Thanh Hải 

CEO of

VinFast Vietnam

David Gillet Lyon

Designer – VinFast Advisor

Nguyễn Thị Vân Anh

CEO of VinFast


Huỳnh Dư An 

CEO of VinFast Canada

Trần Thị Hồng Bích

CEO of VinFast


Đoàn Kiều Mỵ 

Marketing Director

VinFast Việt Nam


Steve Leung

Founder of Steve Leung Design Group

Patrick Fong

President of Asia Pacific Design Center Award for Elite, Adjunct Pro at China Academy of Art

Hồ Tấn Dương

Interior Design Expert - President of VDAS Design Association | HCMC - Vietnam

Niwa Hiroyuki

President of Japan Interior Architects / Designers’ Association (JID)

Keat Ong

President of Society Of Interior Designers Singapore


Kozi Sakai 

Professor – BoD of Japan Interior Architects / Designers’ Association (JID)

Tung Ching Yew

Chairman, Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA)

David Basultu

Editor-in-chief of ArchDaily

Suzy Annetta

Editor-in-Chief, Design Anthology

Alessandro Cecchini

CEO of Young Architects Competitions

Marcin Husarz

 CEO & Founder of Competition.Archi


With the pioneering mission to connect the community of enthusiastic and talented designers and promote the general development of the architecture and design industry, VDAS has organized VFDC 2021 with deep inspiration from VinFast – Vietnam’s only car brand that has globally inspired millions of people through its image of a modern, dynamic, creative, intellectual, and smart Vietnam. 

VinFast, a subsidiary of Vingroup - one of Asia's leading groups, is currently the leading car brand in all domestic market segments with key models including VinFast Lux SA2.0, VinFast Lux A2.0, and VinFast Fadil. In addition, VinFast has successfully researched and developed the first 3 level 3-4 Autonomous Smart EV models with 30 outstanding smart features, affirming its vision to be the global smart electric mobility company. This milestone has attracted great attention from global media.

VFDC 2021 organized by VDAS seeks and selects outstanding showroom design ideas that can represent VinFast’s vision and core values, as well as the cultural values and identities of the target markets. This event marks a great milestone for VinFast regarding the company's global strategy in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia Pacific markets.

VinFast Global Showroom Design Competition to receive work submitted until 25/2/2021

Undertaking a design competition on a global scale with VinFast’s auspices, VDAS was immediately supported by leading prestigious Interior Design and Architectural organizations such as Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) and Competitions Archi. In addition to this active support, VFDC 2021 has also received reputable media partners such as ArchDaily, Young Architects Competitions, and PR Newswire.

VFDC 2021 also brings together a distinguished jury board including renowned professors, designer experts from the prestigious architect and design associations globally, and high-level leaders of VinFast.

VFDC Jury board 2021


Work Submission schedule will be from now to 25/2/2021. The works should complete 3D design in 3 main work items:

●      Exterior architectural space with an area of 30m x 20m

●      Architectural space of standard car showroom with a minimum area of 10m x 7m

●      Architectural space of creative zone with a minimum area of 10m x 7m.

The most unique, impressive design ideas will be projected at Times Square, New York (USA) in April 2021. Also, the prize structure includes:

●      01 First Rank Prize worth 40,000 USD

●      03 Second Rank Prizes worth USD 3,000 each

●      05 Third Rank Prizes worth USD 1,000 each

●      41 Consolation Prizes worth USD 200 each

The winners will also receive certificates from the competition organizers and have the opportunity to cooperate with VinFast in the future.

VFDC 2021 is definitely one of the most attractive architectural competitions in terms of scale, prestige level, and prize value for designers. With its inspiring journey, VinFast has showcased the company’s global vision yet honoring the diversity of backgrounds and styles of designers from all over the world.

About VDAS 

Vietnam Design Association - Ho Chi Minh City (VDAS) is one of Vietnam’s leading organizations in creative design and architecture.

For further information, please contact:

VinFast Competition Communication Department

Hotline: +84 909 999 906



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