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Kitchen Design Contest


Contest timeline:

Examination Content:

Contest Regulations:

Requirement for submission:

Jury Board:

Evaluation Criteria:

Awards and Honors:


  • Starting day: 1st Dec 2021

  • Submission Deadline: 09th Jan 2022

  • Compilation of work pieces & examination: 10th Jan – 17th Jan 2022

  • Announce TOP 50: 29 Jan 2022

  • Online voting for TOP 50: 29 Jan 2022 – 18 Feb 2022

  • Announce TOP 10 finalists: 21 Feb 2022

  • TOP 10 presentation at Samsung showroom: 27/02/2022

  • Announce contest results: 27/02/2022

  • The candidates actively choose a separate space for design according to their preference, at least 20 square meters of space, and have the function of using & convenience facilities of a high-end kitchen space.

  • Using a variety of BESPOKE products in the BESPOKE refrigerator collection and other products under the BESPOKE line (e.g microwave, etc.) in order to place in the design space, the color, quantity, items, etc. are guaranteed to match the space without limitation.

  • Selected kitchen space for design is required to be collected from households & apartments with a fair share of income. It is recommended to use large apartments or villas with spacious kitchen spaces connected to dining rooms, living rooms, and entertainment rooms, facing green gardens, providing a variety of forms and skills to use (not to use monotonous flat surfaces of long tubular houses).

  • Candidates actively choose a style to express the design. Classic, traditional or latest contemporary fashion, quaint or minimalism... are acceptable.

  • From the selected plane, candidates will develop design ideas, express themselves as much as possible according to the designer's personality, style, and reflect the characteristics of the host's status and lifestyle, ensure aesthetics and harmony with BESPOKE products.

  • Allow variations to completely change the layout of the kitchen space, change & arrangement of furniture items, partition walls, etc. in the kitchen space but do not affect the structure of the house.

The selected ideas will be evaluated through 3 criteria in all rounds as follows:

  • Design ideas suggest solutions that create the best and most appropriate living space according to the needs of the host. Flexible customization with available furniture modules to meet various usage needs (40% of total points).

  • Provide unique color processing solutions, create a harmonious, customized living space for each color requirement, and satisfy the owner's own style (30% of the total score).

  • Create a difference, express the unique personality, creativity of the designer, and highlight the modern new lifestyle characteristics of the owner (30% of the total score).

Round 1: select the TOP 50 candidates who have the best design to be in the finale.

Round 2: The TOP 50 candidates will be posted by the Organizing Committee on the Kitchen Design Competition website "BESPOKE, BE YOU" for a 24-day period for the Jury to select the top 9 candidates + 1 candidate based on the highest popularity.

Round 3: The TOP 10 candidates will be invited to the Samsung showroom to present & demonstrate design ideas, showing their abilities in front of the jury to decide on the prize & honor of winning.

  • The competition opens for International & Vietnamese citizen aged 18 and over, including individuals, units, groups with expertise and interested in the interior design field.

  • Architectures, professional interior designers, semi-professional or freelance.

  • Students attend universities or colleges or accredited training centers.

  • Each candidate does not limit the number of entries.

  • Works should be guaranteed intellectual property rights, and copying should not be accepted.

  • Organizing Committee are not responsible for issues related to copyrights or disputes.

  • The prize for an invalid work (if any) is revoked if it is found that there is a fraud or theft of copyright.

  • After submission of the work, candidates will receive a confirmation e-mail, and the exam works will be delivered to the council.

  • If the work belongs to a group, the candidates must submit a letter of attorney to the authorized representative and he/she is responsible for the work.

  • Proper use of products in the BESPOKE refrigerator collection placed in the design space, reference BESPOKE refrigerator collection 
  • It is necessary to ensure aesthetics and harmony with BESPOKE products by expressing creativity, expressing individual styles of designers, and reflecting the characteristics of the owner's lifestyle.

  • Modern, high-quality materials (glasses/steel inox/granite/metal etc.)

  • Unique, harmonious, sophisticated lighting arrangement

  • When sending an examination paper, the following will be included:

    • Self-introduction / Portfolio:

    • generally brief personal information, link...

    • Business: generally brief information, Website...

    • An illustration of the design completion process idea. The information should clearly show candidate’s design style, creativity in his/her design, and a couple of portraits and family preferences that he/she is aiming to own this design (Format: PDF/PPT/DOC).

    • Design files: 

Layout of the overall design plan

3D render album with various views, minimum of 6 views, max 2Mb/file, size 1,000x1,500 pixels (jpg / png / bitmap

360-degree video (recommended)


Please note:

  • Candidates who are selected for the Finale & are invited to give a presentation at the Samsung showroom will be notified to submit additional documents:

    • Original design file (file 3Dmax, Sketchup & ACad...)

    • High resolution file to support communication, advertising, printing...

    • A written commitment to copyright for the submitted work.

    • ​Candidates outside of Hochiminh city will be supported by the VDAS Association for 2 nights at the hotel to attend the event.

    • Submit your work here: CLOSED

  • The competition was evaluated by a panel of 11 (eleven) prestigious experts from the fields of interior design, architecture, representatives of Organizations, International Design Association, and media.

  • The examination works will be evaluated by the Jury based on the criteria under section VII below, compliance with the competition rules, and design quality.

  • All the votes and decisions of the council are final results.

  • Reference: Jury Board

  • The prestigious award is internationally recognized and evaluated by the Judges Board that are prestigious Experts and International Design Associations.

  • Certificate signed by Samsung’s Board of Directors  + VDAS Design Association representative.

  • Cash prizes (including prize-related income taxes) from the Organizing Committee include:

  • First Prize (1 prize): Each prize includes 60,000,000 VND in cash and 1 Bespoke Multidoor refrigerator (RF60A91R177) worth 80,000,000 VND

  • Second Prize (2 prizes): Each prize includes 30,000,000 VND in cash, Combo 1 Bespoke 1 Door Refrigerator (RZ32T744535) worth 25,000,000 VND and 1 Bespoke Refrigerator Lower Freezer (RB33T307029) worth 30,000,000 VND.

  • Third prize (3 prizes): Each prize includes 20,000,000 VND in cash and 1 Bespoke Refrigerator Lower Freezer (RB33T307029) worth 30,000,000 VND.

  • Consolation prize (4 prizes): Each prize includes 10,000,000 VND in cash and 1 Bespoke 1-Door Refrigerator (RZ32T744535) worth 25,000,000 VND

  • Impressive Young Designer Award (<22 years old) (1 prize): Each prize includes 10,000,000 VND in cash.

  • TOP 50 will receive 1 30L Enameled Microwave Oven (MG30T5018CK) worth 4,390,000 VND.

  • First Prize (1 prize): Each prize includes 60,000,000 VND in cash and 1 Bespoke Multi-door Refrigerator (RF60A91R177) worth 80,000,000 VND.

  • Especially, the TOP 10 award-winning design projects will be displayed in the lobby of the Vietnam Design Week event and will be honored with the 2022 Design Awards Gala Night.

  • (Individual, award-winning organizations will be required to fulfill their income tax obligations related to awards. The Organizing Committee  shall report, explain, and pay income taxes related to household awards to individuals and award-winning organizations)

  • The Organizing Committee (Samsung) is fully authorized to use images, videos, information of works & authors for future media, publications, and documents related to Samsung programs & activities without obtaining permission or paying any other fees.

  • In cases where copyright disputes arise after the product for the examination is awarded, the subject of the examination shall be fully responsible to the relevant laws and organizations and individuals.

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