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VDAS Design Association | HCMC, Vietnam with the aim to plan and develop national design strategies. In the way of development, VDAS invites individuals or creative organizations and businesses to accompany us  including:

  • Directing, detailed planning, and implementing activities with the BoD team to sustainably develop the Vietnamese design community in creative fields such as Interior, Architecture, Branding, Product Design, Fashion, etc., with the goal of connecting and bringing benefits to the community with enterprises, educational institutions and international organizations to improve the level of Vietnam's creative industry.


  • Building & developing a team of Marketing, Branding, Event, Membership with specific orientations for each quarter/year in the most effective way and achieving the KPI’s target.


  • Develop detailed plans for events, marketing, and branding for VDAS Association & VMARK Vietnam Design Award and expand the network of cooperating and investment/sponsorship partners to sustainably operate the association in the direction of the VDAS’s vision and mission.


  • Individuals or Corporates who have experience in creative community development, business planning, investment, start-up, etc.

  • Experience in marketing, branding, and event organization is a definite plus.

  • Passionate about building national community organizations.

  • Have leadership and creative attributes such as good communication and relationship building.

  • Global and Local Thinking - Standardize Quality.



  • Benefits are shared along with the development of the association as core members participate in building the association for a long-term journey.

  • An occasion to work with leading companies, multinationals, and prestigious networks worldwide.

  • Represent VDAS association in participating in annual domestic and international events and conferences.

  • Work full-time individually or encourage other forms of cooperation with companies or groups in the field of creativity along with partnerships to accompany and share.

  • Entitled to rights and benefits to promote your brand in all VDAS & VMARK events.

Please contact us & keep in touch at:


VDAS office

273 Dien Bien Phu Str., W. 7, District 03, HCMC, Vietnam

Tel. 083 3988 996; M.: +84 909999906

Web. | 

​Deadline: 25 Sept. 2022

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