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Nour Ismail Mohammad Abel Hafez




Yasmeen Mohammad Hasan Alshourbaji

Mohammad Nabil




we  inspired our main ideas from vinfast logo &  the core values of  this innovated brand ; which are reflect the spirit of flexibility, smartness, ambition & boldness; and absolutely these are the main vectors of pioneering and leadership. We took the V-shaped logo with flexible edge and then we flipped it over ;as a metaphor for the ideology of vinfast company, which expresses Boldness, Flexibility and Openness to the regions of the whole world to allow the exchange of ideas and experiences and to prove themselves and their distinction. We made the resulting shape form the main axis in the project to serve as the main circulation path as if it is a racetrack that transports the users through a distinctive journey and a spatial experience that increase their enthusiasm at each station through it; to explore and get know more  about Vinfast, its creativity and its innovative products, to reach at the end of their journey to their intended destination, which is the cars display area.

PHILOSOPHIES OF INTERIOR: *Playing on the fifth dimension in architecture "perception" *Playing on the fourth dimension in architecture "time" Customer-centric philosophy*
1* Before visitors can see the Vinfast cars that they saw from the outside through the transparent facade , they are driven through an axis that starts with elements that affect their senses & perception and characterize the nature of Vietnam "axis of water and small trees of bamboo and cinnamon",   
2* Then they enter an EXPERIENCED WALK - PATH FUNCTIONS AS A MUSEUM  that shows the History of Vinfast and its fourteen Accomplishments; by a smart presentation show Using augmented reality technology and digital signs; to give an impression of the central role that innovation plays at vinfast.   
3* This path leads visitors to the HOLOGRAM ROOM, which is a dark room with a 45-degree hologram stage that enables visitors to interact with a 3D hologram of the latest vinfast car ;using optical illusion.    
4* After the visitors interact with the digit

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