Member Regulation​:


a. Companies & Organization members:

As the units, organizations and enterprises have been active in the field of design, consent to Charter Association; voluntarily join the Association can become official members of the Association. Each collective member unit has a representative who is head of the unit or chosen by a unit head. The representative called the representative member. 


When participating in events and activities organized by the VDAS Association, members are nominated to have the special offer with 2 nominees.

b. Individual members:

Designers, training cadre, administrators, technicians, entrepreneurs, students of design are Vietnamese who have been active in fields related to design.


The joint venture enterprises and enterprises with 100% foreign investment activities in Vietnam which have contributed to the development of the Association, may become associate members of the Association.


Member benefits:

  • Participate, share experiences & communicate with a network of professional designers & enterprises, manufacturers, business related to designs.

  • To be nominated elected to the Executive Committee and other positions of the Association. Being questioned, democratically commenting on the policies and activities of the Executive Committee, Board of Inspection Association following the Charter of Association and the provisions of law.

  • Accessing to the huge potential customer, by business needs that members are doing.

  • Regularly updating the latest information related to the products, manufacturing, design, etc. from domestic and foreign sources.

  • Holding the exhibition, product launch exhibition, models of domestic and international, and is contracted to design and export models with partners who have demands.

  • Being introduced when the association receives the demand from external customers.

  • The protection of copyright is maximum when a dispute arises concerning copyrights.

  • Free participation (or incentive fee only) for training courses, training, or special events, etc. related to design, art, and culture.

  • Being published & classified in annual members' contacts, excellent members will be rewarded & honored in a special position.

  • Be elected and nominated to attend conferences, festivals, major events at home and abroad.

  • Proposals to introduce to the management Ministry and government to contribute comments on the special events which have national stature or local level on issues related to design.

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