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VMARK 2020





VMARK is the anchor event in the series of VDAS Design Association HCMC | Vietnam Event in 2020. We aim to grow and nurture the Vietnamese design industry by enhancing the design community through education, awareness, and experience. Step by step, we have been steadily building up Vietnam's design identity with the sole purpose of being recognized globally by the creative world around us.



VMARK is an annual event to be held in Vietnam with a focus on Interior design-oriented strategies, increasing the important influence of production, support design, by creating value-added for products, increasing competitive capability and by handling the challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs in the design industry.

 VMARK INTERIOR DESIGN WEEK to mark the first time Vietnam joins global’s Creative Industries. We support the local Creative Design Community on the way to redefine a NEW IMAGE of the NATION to the world by official launching VMARK VIETNAM GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

What We Do



As associated with VDAS Vietnam Design Association, VMARK INTERIOR DESIGN WEEK & AWARD host an international event in Vietnam for the sake of:

Getting the country ready for 5G technology, economy revolution by bringing the local creative designers, manufacturing suppliers (labor force, factories, agencies) to the globe, setting up a diligent benchmark for the regional economy, innovative community.

Connecting and supporting FDI firms in Vietnam to strengthen their human resources and innovative works input, R&D about the market trend/ demand/ any concern occurred during the period.

To first ever mark Vietnam in the World's Creative Innovation Revolution Campaign through the registered VMARK CREATIVE DESIGN EXHIBITION and VMARK DESIGN SUMMIT,  VMARK DESIGN AWARD & NETWORKING PLATFORM.



To bring Vietnam to the world with a maven image of the young population with aptitude, creativity, and responsibIlity. It is time for Vietnam to communicate to the world as a partner of the new economic revolution, an innovative player, a strong/ consistent developing nation in any summit rather than being forever a cheap destination for outsourcing contracts from "first world" countries

Nurturing at least 500 talented young design fellows in Vietnam every year to middle-senior skilled designers and be ready for world-wide employers after the first 5 years of operation

In the next 5 years, people in Vietnam are all aware of Intellectual matters, showing appreciation to those designers who have brought all vague ideas into physical items for society.

Developing the most powerful network in creative industries, to advance the benefits to the labors, Local & FDI companies, the product itself and consumers.




What usually is said to be impossible as such the society’s boldness toward Design is set to be our AMBITION.

We don't aim to be just a self-proclaimed marvel that changes the world, we believe in doing the right things for our next generation, to be transparent with our works. At least our positive vibe can be spread to one or few other design fellows. We chose the longest and toughest path as such a REVOLUTION to win over the pass mindset.



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Hochiminh City, Vietnam

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