After the success of VMARK AWARD 2019-2020-2021, VMARK Vietnam Interior Design Awards continues to recognize the Interior Designers/Architects and Design Company who set new standards and innovations in interior design, transforming the smart spaces in which we live and work.

The award provides an opportunity for people with a gift of excellence and to motivate aspiring young designers to develop opportunities and help the designers' project reach the world.




VMARK INTERIOR DESIGN WEEK is the unique annual design event in Vietnam with a series of activities from 2019. The VMARK Interior Design Award will be the showpiece finale for the Design Week. The ceremony will feature all of the nominees who have been chosen by an exclusive judging panel.

With the VMARK Awards, we aim to bring a new set of standards. The awards will bring recognition to achievers and create a new seal of approval for those who have earned the privilege and honor of winning such an award at the event. Like the ISO Standard, each winner will be able to display the badge with the knowledge that their work has achieved recognition.

With the 2020 theme "Smart SPACE drives INNOVATION" which was formed with the aim of stimulating designers to come up with new initiatives on optimal solutions for interior spaces to be built using eco-friendly, sustainable materials with new, energy-saving technology that brings a green, modern and convenient lifestyle to improve the quality of the living and working environment to create a sustainable future.

The initiative needs to incorporate several feasible functions and features into a design that can adapt to a small or large space and a conversion mechanism based on the needs of users. It should also provide an optimal and functional open space for the community to serve many specialized subjects such as schooling, working, housing, entertainment, etc.



After the success of VMARK AWARD 2019, VMARK 2022 was restarted with the participation of experts in the field. Currently, VMARK AWARD is a member of the International Design Awards network by the signing of Strategic Business Agreement with:

  • International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI)

  • Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC)

  • Japan Interior Architects/ Designer's Association (JID)

  • Singapore Interior Designers Society (SIDS)

  • SMark Singapore Good Design Award​

  • Singapore Interior Design Confederation (IDCS)

  • Japan Industry Design Association (JIDA)



What benefits will designers get when they win the VMARK AWARD? Let’s see the benefits below:

7 Benefits for the Winners: Why not?

1. Honor Design: VMARK AWARD will be a national achievement to bring the reputation and recognition for interior enterprises and projects as well as getting the attention of industry experts. This will also be a certification in which businesses/individuals can introduce their works to suppliers also as conquer investors all over the world.


2. Exhibition, meeting, and GALA Award: Winner’s projects will be honored at the Award Gala Night - VMARK 2020 with the presence of VIP guests from all fields related to Interior sectors, Government, Developers, and Media Partners. All Golden Winners will have a chance to display at the AWARD Booth in the VMARK Exhibition area to advertise and brand your projects to investors and clients that you will be able to approach to target investors, developers, or manufacturers.

3. Brand promotion: The winner will be certified as the project winner of the year and will have the right to use VMARK's logo award on their project for a year. This will increase the perception of the product's brand with investors, manufacturers, and innovators around the world, as well as interact with potential suppliers.                                                                                                                          

4. Promoted in VMARK publications: The list of companies and individuals in the final round will be published in the yearbook, distributed to partners, sponsors, and attendees. Increased the individual the brand’s reputation to partner in the interior design industry. 


5. The rank of enterprise: Increases the level of a brand’s awareness with the owner's project, investors, real estate companies, and resort projects. Expanding the chances of potential projects in Vietnam and the world. Strongly boost the value of the brand in the field of design.


6. Expand the connection network: Building the relationship between businesses and young designers, receiving comments and critiques from experts, judges, and opportunities for cooperation in projects through evaluation from experts.


7. The value of the Award: With valuable and attractive rewards from Organizers & Sponsor Partners.